NEW YORK, P. Jason King, President of Yours In Travel Personnel, headquartered in NYC, has announced the launch of a New Client Benefit Program, "LOYALTY PAYS".

LOYALTY PAYS was developed to thank its thousands of clients throughout the US, and other parts of the world, as well as offering some of these programs to new clients. "After all, our motto is 'When Quality and Service Count'", said King.

Current Clients can earn discounts from Yours In Travel through the following programs:

If a Current Company Client recommends a New Company Client to the agency, and a Placement occurs, the initial Client will receive $500.00 off their next placement with Yours In Travel.

If they recommend two (2) New Clients, and a 2 Placements occur, they will receive $1,000.00 off their next placement with Yours In Travel.

If they recommend three (3) New Clients, and a 3 Placements occur they will receive $1,500.00 off their next placement with Yours In Travel.

King said, "Our Company Clients are constantly recommending us to their friends and peers in the business, this program thanks them in a monetary way!"

An additional program LOYALTY PAYS, will be for existing and new company clients. It provides those company clients who wish to link our web site to theirs with a discount of $500.00 for each placement which occurs through the agency. King added, "If an existing client of ours, or a new client, links our web site to theirs, and maintains it, they will continue to receive a $500.00 discount on each subsequent placement".


LOYALTY PAYS will also allow current Client Companies to take advantage of both programs simultaneously. If the current client recommends 3 New Clients, and 3 placements occur and we are linked to their web site, they will have earned a discount of $2,000.00 off the next placement we make with them".

"In today's hectic times with costs constantly on the rise, we felt it is about time that Loyalty Pays"!!! said King. "Last year we offered a Valued Added Program to our company clients, providing them with a number of services, to include: Credit and Criminal Checks, I.Q. and Integrity Surveys, and Drug Testing. These programs are provided free to our clients on demand."

Recently, Yours In Travel Personnel celebrated its Silver Anniversary by "Thanking" the candidates placed who remained with their employer for 10 years or more. The Grand Prize Winner was from right here in NYC, Ms. Betty Van Dyke, Vice President with ISRAM, had won with 23 years with the firm.

King said "In the coming months we will be announcing a new program called "PRIORITY PLUS". This program is also directed at our loyal customers and will provide an incentive program which will, in fact, offer our loyal customers discounts in access of 50% off our standard fee rates".

As King stated " Being the nation's largest source of recruitment for the travel industry is great, my staff and I have worked extremely hard to achieve this status. It is time to thank those companies who have placed us Number One."

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