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"The hottest function used to be Meeting Planner. Move over planners! Call Center Managers & Call Center Directors have arrived!" This, according to Jason King, President of Yours In Travel Personnel, the nation's largest source of recruitment for the Travel Industry. "The Reservation Manager or Res Manager of yesteryear hasn't disappeared. They have just been re-born as Call Center Managers/Directors," said King.

"Mega Travel Companies are creating large multi-account centers for their corporate clients as a cost saving plan, but call centers are also being set up within the hotel, tour, airline, car rental industries. Also, a number of firms are outsourcing their requirements to generic call centers throughout the US.

"Salaries are also great! For example, a small center with as few as 30-40 stations, will bring a base salary (depending on the region/city) of between $50K-$60K. We have had orders for centers with 100, 200, 500 stations and more. Base salaries have gone as high as $135K.

"Coming from a reservations management function is not enough to qualify. You must be familiar with ACD phone systems, be very computer friendly (knowledge of telephone software is a big plus), have a strong track record in customer service management, and be a strong delegator. You must also have had budget responsibilities.

"And, one of the most important facets today is the flexibility to relocate, since many of the newest call centers are located in the mid-west, due to accessibility of phone lines, and what is perceived as cheaper staffing capabilities. We are currently handling 3-5 searches every week. It can be a great job, and one which we anticipate will continue to grow."

P. Jason King is founder and president of Yours In Travel Personnel, which services the entire US. For more information visit their web site -


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