NEW YORK, P. Jason King, President of Yours In Travel Personnel Agency, Inc., the nation's oldest and largest Travel Recruitment Source, has just announced "We are now On-Line on the World Wide Web." Their Home Page was specifically designed for Candidates to access around the world. They handle Travel Industry Placements throughout all 50 states, as well as almost every country in the world.

"Qualified candidates can access our Home Page and fill out our Application, which then is processed via our fully automated in-house matching system," King said. If the candidate's background, experience levels & salary requirements match, an interview is immediately conducted, references are checked, résumés are generated and, hopefully, placements occur.

Yours In Travel Personnel is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, and in addition to opening 5 more offices (currently the agency has 8 wholly owned offices), many other Promotions are planned. Candidates who wish to visit our site can do so at- http://www.yoursintravel.com.


King also said, " We are also very excited about providing our many Client Companies with information about us. They are now able to learn more about us through our CRS system. We have signed deals with Sabre, Apollo, Worldspan, Amadeus, & Abacus. To access our Site, the codes are as follows:

Sabre................XX ORG/YOURSINTRVL





These formats in the various CRS systems will allow Travel Companies to learn who we are, how we operate, and how to find us. Being the largest in one's field has plenty of advantages. However, there are still many companies and candidates around the world that do not know about us. Hopefully going On-Line through the Internet and CRS systems will assist us in getting the word out quickly.

In other news: Nancy Bookchin has been promoted to National Accounts Manager. She started with Yours In Travel one year ago as an account executive. Ms. Esther Romero has been hired in an Administrative position, she is new to the Travel Industry.


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