Every day we hear a horror story or read in the "trades" about an employee embezzling monies, stealing tickets, creating some form of "scam" in their Travel Agencies. "It has to STOP," according to Jason King, President of Yours In Travel Personnel headquartered in NYC, with 10 branch offices, located throughout the US.

King said, "Being the nation's largest source of recruitment for The Travel Industry and being pro-active in our industry, we have created a 'Value Added Program' for our Client Companies throughout the US.

The Program includes offering all clients the availability of "Credit Checks" and/or a "Criminal Checks" on potential new employees soon to be engaged through Yours In Travel.

King went on to say, "We are proud to be the first personnel agency licensed with an in-house TRW Program. In order to truly make these 'Checks' a value added program, we have decided not to charge our clients for these services.

"In addition to Credit & Criminal Checks we have added I.Q. and Integrity Testing for our Clients' potential employees - also at no charge to the client.

"Starting in March, we will be adding Drug Test availability. While testing does not guarantee that a person won't steal, it surely may assist the employer in making a decision based upon the results of the 'Checks' or based upon the potential employee not allowing us to do the test in the first place."

King said, "In one way people may think of the 'Pandora's Box' syndrome, or 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. That is not the way we think," said King. "Our industry must start protecting itself, large corporations have these options available to them. Why not give the same opportunity to all Travel Companies?

"Friends of mine asked the intelligent question 'aren't you jeopardizing a possible placement?" The answer is Yes, but I would rather jeopardize a few hires rather than the possibly of having candidates we represent being dishonest or on drugs," said King.

"In 'beta testing' our new waivers, Candidates must give their permission for Credit & Criminal Checks. Each State has its own regulations. In our test we found that out of 100 Candidates, 96 would allow a Criminal Check, the same 96 would not allow a Credit Check. People know if they are a Criminal so they will usually allow that Criminal Check, but they also know that they generally spend more than they make, thus poor credit," King said. "This is generally not true. If you owe a lot of money, but pay the minimum on each account each month, your credit will be considered 'Excellent' by credit bureaus. It is only poor rated when you don't pay on time."

King also announced, "Beginning in March we are launching a new loyalty retention program called PRIORITY +. This program will be offered to only 1 our of 100 clients. It will provide Credit Dollars for each dollar spent in fees, and will allow our "Priority" Clients to turn their Credit Dollars in for "Free" placements (more will follow in upcoming releases).

This year, Yours In Travel Personnel will be launching Video Interviewing across the US (more will follow in upcoming releases).

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