New York, Jason King President of Yours In Travel Personnel, the nation's largest recruitment service, has created a new promotion program for those Travel Agent Owners who are finding it difficult (in this dry market) to find suitable staff.

"Although the market place should be saturated with thousands of candidates who have been caught in downsizing, mergers, layoffs, etc., it is still difficult for most Travel Agencies to 'source' that right candidate," said King.

Yours In Travel Personnel is celebrating their 27th year and, as part of this celebration, has created a series of new programs targeted at the travel agency owner. .

The 1st program is simply "TRY US"!

"For new clients only we have created a concept where, if we cannot produce what we say we can ... it will cost US ... and the client will benefit," said King.

"With a worldwide database of candidates exceeding 1 million candidates, we feel confident that as long as the salaries are competitive, we can always 'source' that right candidate," said King.


"TRY US" works this way:

1. New clients call in their job order or place it via our web site.

2. If we cannot source a candidate who fits the client's specifications

3. The next two (2) placements will be discounted 25% of the actual dollar amount.

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