NEW YORK, Jason King, President of Yours In Travel Personnel Agency, Inc. headquartered in NY, with 10 branch offices in the US, has come up with a solution which ultimately will save its clients thousands of dollars per year. The solution is to utilize the technology available and set-up a Video Interviewing Network.

"Face -to-face communication has finally arrived, thanks to a real-life Virtual-Interviewing solution. The system combines real-life and virtual reality to redefine Interviewing as we have known it," says King.

"Although we are keeping 'our little secret' now, soon the announcement will be made and all will be revealed," says King. "In testing this new system, we found it so 'life like' that upon finishing an interview I extended my hand to shake the candidate's hand! WOW - this we must have," said King.

According to available statistics, companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars flying candidates to their headquarters for interviews. Besides the cost of the airfare, hotel accommodations, car services or taxis, meals, and, if the position is big enough, the price doubles once the candidate says, "I am really interested in your company but, I need my spouse and family to check out the neighborhood". The money that is being spent is astronomical.

King said, "We will start out slowly ... by middle of this year we will have the availability to interview candidates in 11 major cities in the US. We anticipate that within 2 years we will have the availability to do it nationwide. Initially our plan is not to charge our clients for this service, in the future we may have to.

"When we conduct interviews over the phone (for those candidates who reside where we do not have an office), our interviews take between 1-2 hours, in-person with Virtual-Interviewing we can cut the time in half. This will save us money and therefore save our clients money." King said, "This is how we see it working to start: We will be advertising around the country with specific job openings (per our client contracts). We will then contact each individual and set-up a time for them to arrive at a centrally located center. The interviews will be conducted, and with advance permission of the candidate, video taping will be done at the same time. This will allow us to send the tape to our company clients for viewing. Most of the 'bugs' have already been worked out, so it should be 'smooth sailing'. The internet is wild, but this availability is even wilder. Many other applications can be utilized down line." King said, "We are already anticipating using this concept for overseas placement, as well.

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