NEW YORK, Yours in Travel Personnel, the nation's largest source of recruitment for the Travel Industry, has announced its enhanced and upgraded web site.

Currently, yoursintravel.com receives 20,000 to 25,000 new candidate web applications each month. Until now, each candidate filled out a form with 55 questions. The new upgraded format provides candidates with a choice based on how long they have been in the industry, if they have management skills, or if they just need additional services.

"When a Candidate goes to our site they will choose to fill out the Short Form (Form A), or our new Long Form (Form B). The short form is still only 55 Questions, and it takes about 2 minutes to fill out. The Long Form (Form B) breaks down Skills/Functions into different 'Headers'. Candidates will choose which Headers (or Categories) are relevant to their background, and then either check off the appropriate items or place how many years or months experience they have in that Skill or Function.

Some of the Headers are: Airline; Hotel; Automation/Technology; Destination Knowledge; Finance/Accounting; Call Center Management; Sales; Marketing, Advertising, Promotion & PR; Relocation Areas; Languages; plus many others.

"We needed to create the Long Form in order to serve those Candidates with extensive experience," says King, President and Founder of the firm. "Our Company Clients are seeking people with diversified backgrounds. In order for us to 'Match' the Candidate with the 'Right' Company Client, we need more information on the Candidate. This Long Form will provide just that," King went on to say.

Even though the Long Form (Form B) takes about 20 minutes to complete, isn't it worth the time? Especially when you consider 20 Minutes for not only the "Right" job, but the one you are most qualified for!!!

"We have also created separate Headers for Corporate Travel and Vacation/Leisure Travel. If a candidate has both Corporate and Leisure skills, they will check off the appropriate skills under both categories."

"Our new propriety computer system, 'PROBE', which took two years to develop, can read both the Short and Long Form, and place the candidates into the proper category immediately," said King. "This will allow a much greater service to our Candidates, as well as our Client Companies."

Candidates can fill out their On-Line Application form at www.yoursintravel.com

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