Everyday in the life of a "Recruiter"... well maybe not everyday, but every other day...

We developed this New Program, via our web site, which not only generates over 15,000 New Candidate Applications and their resumes per month, but gives them the opportunity to go to our "Job Listing Section" , called "Hot Jobs of the Week".

Now, I understand that if one does not promote thyself Who Will??? But, what we have is just STUPIDITY on the part of many candidates. For example, this happened at 8:05AM this morning (we open at 8:00am): a Candidate actually got me on the phone, not easy to do these days since Verizon has crippled the bulk of our phones for the last 7 weeks. This candidate re-introduced himself, as I asked him a few specific questions; So why were you only with your last employer for 6 months? Answer: Company was undercapitalized (see Part1 in our Series entitled "Should I Lie"), Question: What salary are your looking for? Answer: It depends on what the job is! (This job counselor, who has only had 30+ years in his "practice", has never understood this answer); Question: Give me a range. Answer: $50,000 - $55,000. Now the interruption occurs, by the way, I saw your "Hot Jobs" listings and I am qualified for over 10 positions. I said, okay give me their Code Numbers and we can go over them. This candidate lives in the tri-state area (NY,NJ, PA). First job he mentions is CHI, I explain our client is seeking a local candidate, next job (to include the next 4 jobs) he selects are all for Senior Executives with salaries between $150,000 - $250,000. I try to explain that while you may be very good, no, Excellent at what you do - you cannot qualify for a position paying in excess of $150,000 when in your entire career you have not earned more than $55,000 per annum.

Candidate after Candidate does this, they list Jobs they cannot qualify for in a Million Years...but then get crazed when you call them for a position they do qualify for.

Why is this??? Are they just Stupid??? They waste our time and their time... they send their resumes for positions they do not qualify for... they send their resumes for salaries they can't earn... they send their resumes for positions out of state (and they won't relocate)... they send their resumes just for the sake of sending their resumes... Are they Stupid???

Recently, we had an opening at our headquarters for an Administrative Assistant... being that we are the "experts" in ad preparation, I wrote an ad and placed it in the New York Times.

We actually received about 300 resumes. Of course we tossed over 260 of them immediately because they did not comply with the specifications in the ad. Our ad stated very clearly and in my native tongue "English": Administrative Assistant, minimum 3+ current years working in an office environment, No Beauty Parlors, No Schools, No Banks, experience must be in an office. Please provide us with your current Base Salary (do not add perks) and what Base Salary you are seeking.

Business references required (only refs accepted are people you report to), No Rabbi's, Priest's, Congressman, Sisters, or Brothers Please. This position's hours are 8a-6p, Monday-Thursday. Company is closed every Friday all year long.

Excellent Salary, Incentives,and Company Benefits. We will only respond to those candidates who supply us with what we have asked for. Now, I did embellish with the Rabbi & Priest, but all the rest is the truth. The 260+ resumes that made it to the circular file (garbage can) immediately, had no cover letters. Then, foolish me, I read the others. Most of them said things like "Current Salary $23,000. Minimum Acceptable $50,000. Are these Candidates Stupid??? Or do they just think I am???

Well, believe it or not, I had 9 candidates to call... I called, close to 50%. I eliminated four (4) because their answering machine message was not in English!!! Now these people are not Stupid, Right??? The other 5 I left messages for, 4 actually called me back, I set up appointments with 2 out of 4. They both actually showed up!!! They individually filled out our application form, one of the two actually wrote in English, the other one was some form of Hieroglyphics??? The one I liked best, I can't get references for... being in the "Reference Checking Business", I need to run another ad. My conclusion boy, are some people Stupid???

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