More than 8 out of 10 Human Resource Professionals expect to receive counteroffers regarding salary and benefits, according to a recent poll conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management. About 84% of job seekers polled said they expect employers to make counter offers.

We concluded a survey last month that stated the most "disgusting" reason to make a move is because most employers are only motivated to make "counter offers" when a valuable employee has tendered their resignation! Jason's Tip - "If you currently value your staff, pay them what they are worth - NOW!!!Don't wait for that resignation."

The main Question we always ask ourselves is Why does it take a Resignation before a Company wakes up and makes the "Counter Offer"? The simple answer is most travel companies, and more specific travel agencies have many employees today which are underpaid by industry standards. This is especially so if their employees have been with them for over 5 years. Most firms may provide a small cost of living increase, but many of them say they cannot afford to provide their employees with the "proper" salaries, because they say "we don't have that kind of money"!!!

Almost all firms cannot truly understand the costs of training new employees. They cannotfully understand how important a current employee is (if they are performing their job satisfactorily or above average). It becomes sort of "matter of fact", but when that valuable employee tenders their resignation, because they found another firm who values their expertise, and offers them the "going rate" or the "competitive compensation package", the company quickly says to them self, "I cannot afford to lose this one".

Most companies use the "new offer" as the rule, and make an offer, they feel the employee can't refuse. The same dollars, and the benefit of knowing the environment they have versus going into a new environment.

We believe "Smart Candidates" do not buy into this facade. The say to us "Too Little Too Late", and they are correct in their assumption. If an
employer doesn't realize their worth before they resign, even the new offer will have little merit in the long run, unless the employee continues to seek new employment each year.

Jason says "Now is the time to evaluate your employees, who can you afford to lose, and who would you be devastated if they left. Now is the time, before it is too late".

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