Re: Cover Story Travel Weekly 10-16-95 - Letter to the Editor


"I am truly appalled by the lack of ethics and morality OMEGA WORLD TRAVELhas displayed in the above captioned feature story. The fact that Dan Bohan's defense is that Omega Travel has an aggressive stance in recruitment and his concept of anything goes is ridiculous!

As founder and president of the nation's largest personnel agency serving the Travel Industry exclusively, I must disagree that the job market is so tight. Many travel agencies offer their employees bonus dollars for recommending their friends for positions...this is mainly because those agencies do not wish to utilize the two (2) standard ways of recruitment. The first:Advertising the Job,the second: using a professional Search Firm or Personnel Agency. The reason is obvious why they choose to pass fliers at competitive agencies, they are too cheap to go the true way, and they do not care how they accomplish their quest.

Since Yours In Travel Personnel Agency, Inc.recruits throughout the United States, through its seven (7) offices. I can unequivocally state that more Travel Agents work in the major cities around the US then in the suburbs, and that includes DCA. Perhaps qualified agents don't wish to work for agencies such as OMEGA because ofthe way they operate their business, such as the direct soliciting of agents at a competitor's office.
I also take inference in Mr. Bohan's statement that "Headhunters" call people every single day. I find this quite hard to believe. It is common practice to use Headhunting techniques when one is recruiting upper management specifically, and then its utilized if the personnel agency has no sources of their own. Being the oldest (established 1972) and largest in the US, I can state that I am the only person within my company that does any Headhunting, and it represents less that half of 1% of our total recruitment. Our corporate policy prohibits us from Headhunting from any of our Clients Companies. Frankly, today it is more popular to run advertisements. Many more candidates respond, and it is easier to sort through the resumes than to Headhunt one candidate via the telephone.

Travel Agencies receive enough bad press without Mr. Bohan's statement that Travel Agents should be given the ability to talk with us (Omega) if they want to. This is America, and I'm sure that if a Travel Agent is looking for a new position they will contact those agencies they wish to, without receiving a flier from a specific company.

I don't believe anyone should solicit ones employees on the job."

© Copyright Yours In Travel Personnel Agency, Inc. October 1995

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