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That old saying "The Grass is Always Greener" may be old, but still true, especially these days when it comes to Travel Agents searching for a New Job!!! Today, more and more Travel Agents seem to be searching for that "Dream Job" like the one their friend has...the only problem is they don't realize their friend thinks "they" have the "Perfect Job". What is the perfect job for a Travel Agent these days? Well, the WISH LIST usually includes the following items: 1. Excellent Wages 2. More Benefits, and God forbid the company doesn't have a 401K Plan 3. Shorter Hours (like 9a-5p) 4. More Opportunity for Growth 5. More Respect 6. A "Thank You" for a job well done
7. (and let us never forget) More Vacation Time. These 7 items are the Wish List, in reality, no one searching for all 7 will ever find that "PERFECT JOB".

You can get close, but you must be realistic. If the job offers more opportunity, or advancement, you better realize right now, you will be putting in more hours. If the job offers Higher Pay, you are going to be expected to work harder for it and be more productive. Vacation Time, what's that? Your lucky if you can afford the time and have the "bucks" available to pay for it. Respect should be available from everyone, so should a Thank You from your boss...but this is also a two-way street. When was the last time you thanked your boss for something?

The marketplace is a Hotbed right now, companies are paying higher salaries, and offering better benefits than ever before, but you must be careful in your decision making. Everyday I am told a story of some agent accepting a position, mainly because of more money, and after only a few days they quit, because they can't stand it, or they speak to the other employees and find out the boss always paints a pretty picture, but he is really an ogre, and never comes through with his promises. Their old job looks pretty good right now. So, as someone who has been in the recruitment field for over 26 years, my advice is create a reasonable wish list, check out the competition, and go slow, but not too slow...One of the worst nightmares we have is we find the "Close to Perfect Job" and the candidate procrastinates so long, they lose the offer. Be Smart & Good Luck.

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