(Interviewing Entry Level Candidates)

Q. Why are you interested in the Travel Industry?
A."Cause I wanna Fly Free", "Love to Travel","I want to work with People" etc.

Note: If these are the Answers you receive, these are NOT the candidates you seek.

Q.What brought you to my Company?
A. "Dunno", "Not Sure", (anything vague = NG)

Q.What countries have you visited?
a. For how Long?
b. What most impressed you?
c. What least impressed you?
d. Would you recommend this country to your friends?

Note: If they haven't been outside of the US, ask the same questions for Cities or States.
Q.Have you ever been on a Cruise?
A.If answered Yes, why did you select that particular Cruise Line or Ship?
If answered No, ask them why not? If they answer "Cause I don't have no money",
their grammar and lack of communications skills will alert you to know them as a "NONO".

Suggestion:Purchase a Map of the USA or a part of the world your firm does the most business to, ie: Europe, South America, etc. Try to get Maps that are strictly outlines, if you can't find them, copy them and then white out the cities, states, or countries, rivers, etc. all names should be removed. A good and simple Test is then to ask them to place a "P" where Paris is, a "S" where Sicily is, a "RH" where the Rhine is, this will provide you with a strong picture of their geography skills plus a lot more.

Note: It is very important to NEVER ask a question which can be answered with a "yes" or a "No" answer. You must get all potential employees to show their true colors through communications skills. After all isn't that what every Travel Agency needs.

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