If a candidate has the proper credentials through their work experience, the other incidentals such as hobbies,extracurricular activities, volunteer work, etc. is superfluous.

The following items should NEVER appear on your Resume:

1. Your Photograph
2. Your Date of Birth
3. Health
4. Your References (always prepare a additional sheet for references)
5. Hobbies (1 or 2 are acceptable if they are related to your job)
6. Objective or Summary (these belong in a Cover Letter not on a resume)
Note:By stating an Objective you (the candidate) limit yourself to the types of positions you can apply for. A Summary, actually says to the person reading the resume that you think he/she is a "Dummy", because they can't make the determination themselves.
7. Volunteer Work - Reflects a lot of free time or prior committments -
a NO NO!!!

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