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Okay, so you're feeling real lousy right about now. The company that you have given your life's blood and life long commitment to, has done the ultimate disservice to you and your buddies. They didn't even consult you or ask your opinion. They are going out of business or consolidating with another travel company, but the bottom line is you are "OUT OF WORK". While they may supply you with some sort of a severance package, it sure doesn't feel like it's enough...

Stop crying and let's get you back to work! First things first, do you have a current Résumé? Most people do not!!! You always should however, we know hind site is always 20/20. Oh, how I hate that cliché! Sorry.

You need to create a Résumé and quickly. Here are a few helpful hints:

1.First: write what skills or functions you have been accomplishing in your last job.
2.Don't worry about a format, we will get to that later.
3.There are two different style Résumés, the "Bullet" and the
"Paragraph" style. They have fancier names, but bottom line, those are the two. Every Résumé Writing Service likes the "Bullet" style, why? 'Cause it's easier for them to prepare. Most offering these services know nothing about the Travel Industry. They will just ask for your accomplishments, and then list them with these cute bullets, or squares, or, believe it or not, little airplanes. The worst part is they actually charge you a fee for this! In this man's opinion they should be paying you ... but I digress (sorry again).
4.You can create the "Bullet" effect yourself. Personally I prefer the "Paragraph" style. Sure, you have to work at it a little longer, but the reader needs to see what you have accomplished in each job, versus having to guess where the Bulleted Accomplishment goes.
5.Don't worry about length, your Résumé is acceptable over one page in length. Twenty years in the business in one page is stupid!!!
6.Always use 81/2 x 11 inches, NEVER use legal size paper.
7.Only use White paper, sure buff is prettier, but white works better. 8.On top of your Résumé, your Name should appear, and please leave out your nickname(s), state your address, city, state, and zip code, and your home phone number. If you have a personal e-mail address, display it, but if it's the family's or the dog's, don't use it. No home fax
numbers please.
9.Another BIG NO, NO, NO is NO Summaries. Please! That goes for NO
Overviews either. In fact NO Objective should be utilized either ... I know you are thinking, "Is this guy playing with a full deck?", I have to state my Objective. Your Objective belongs in your Cover Letter not your on your Résumé. It also allows you to answer diversified
10.After you've listed a number of your jobs and titles, then comes your Education. Name of School, Major, and Degree, if applicable. If you didn't attend college, leave out Education.
11.Do you have any References? Always state "References Upon Request" at the bottom of your Résumé.
12.Create a separate sheet for References, NEVER put them on the Résumé.

The ONLY References which count are people you reported to. Leave out your Rabbi, Congressman, Teachers, etc.

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