December 13, 1999

Letter to Editor

In November22nd issue, page 18, Ms. Doris Davidorff was quoted: "When looking for new staffers, don't set the bar too high".


"Settling For Garbage"

While I have great respect for Ms. Davidorff, her statements are in my opinion, totally incorrect. "Settling" is ridiculous and down right stupid! One of the major problems facing our industry today, is that many Employers do settle, and it really costs them both in the short term and definitely ion the long term.

As today the nation's largest source of recruitment for the Travel Industry I can flatly state that agency owners should never settle. They should create their "wish List" with high expectations, not low ones.

Whether they choose to advertise for that candidate or use a service like ours, they will be spending a lot of their time and money...therefore why settle? Not only will it not provide you with someone who can pull their own weight, but it is demoralizing to your other staff members, that you don't care who you hire.

On Ms. Davidoff'sPoints, I agree that you should have a written job description. However hiring Newcomers may provide no bad habits, but you have to have the time to sit with them all day long and train them. Newcomers are not generally loyal, they are in fact using the 1st agency who hires them to gain the experience, and then leave for a better paying job. We have a tremendous amount of statistics on this point. While it is true you can find candidates listed on web sites, you better have several months of time to source through the thousands of web sites.

It would have been nice if the mention of firms like us (not to mention us specifically of course), but we do perform a function which is accepted, we are currently celebrating our 29th year in business.

Requesting resumes by mail is the slowest form, we suggest email, and by faxing. you need to move quickly, waiting for snail mail is crazy. Ask for 6 References? The answer is not 6 References, the correct statement is always get References.
Again with all due respect to Doris Davidoff, I truly wish she wouldn't say things like "Don't set the Bar too High", because it truly hurts our industry. We need highly sophisticated people who are well trained and professional.

P. Jason King
Yours In Travel Personnel

Travel Weekly Published this Rebuttle January 6, 2000
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