"References are very important - if you know how to get them"... so says Jason King.

After all, while it's true you interview the prospect (potential employee), you may give them a CRS test, but is that enough? Jason says, "No!"

There are many "smart", really devious candidates. We have met some that actually set up a reference list which, in truth, is made up of their relatives. Others lie about where they currently work, or past employment. They lie about salary, benefits, reasons for leaving their jobs!
"References, specifically from past employers, are key!", says Jason. We always provide references, we do it in writing. It is a must in our business!

Many travel companies, today, refuse to provide references because they are afraid of labor law suits. So what do you do if that's the case? King says, "You can at least ask the former employer to provide:
1 - Dates of employment
2 - Title of employee
3 - Salary verification
4 - Reason for leaving

Most firms will provide numbers 1 through 3. If 4 is a "no-no", ask about a re-hire policy. This will provide the answer in another way.

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