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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average cost of compensation in March 98:

The South

$16.45 per hour

The Northeast

$20.38 per hour

The West

$19.94 per hour

The Midwest

$18.15 per hour

These statistics hold true for the Travel Industry as well. This is why relocation is strong right now!

According to the IRS, a move is considered temporary if it lasts fewer than 12 months. A temporary move would be for assignments such as Project Management. A temporary move would generally necessitate renting or staying in corporate facilities set up by their company.

Permanent moves require assistance in many areas. Assessment of individual and family needs, real estate needs, temporary housing, van lines, etc. Many of our clients even provide assistance for spousal employment, children's schools, expense management, mortgages lenders, and more.

Candidates who cannot seem to locate that "dream job" in their home city, may just not be aware of the different possibilities which exist once you are flexible to the idea of Relocation!!! Most travel firms will be happy is you
provide them with a 2-3 years of commitment. Just think of it, you can generally provide your family with a higher level of living conditions, better or private schools for your children, more acreage for your pets to romp, and usually a more prestigious position.

Salaries are not the only surprise when relocating. Many firms provide sign- on bonuses, cost of living increases, plus numerous incentives, especially if they want you badly enough!

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