"In the mid-eighties we were forced to create a Temp Division - every travel company was seeking temps. Today it is quite the contrary!", says Jason.

To engage a temporary worker today, the cost is prohibitive! For example,a corporate agent in Manhattan, with international skills, can cost upwards of $40.00 per hour!

The reason the hourly rates are so high today is simply because agents are seeking permanent employment. If they accept interim temp employment, it prevents them from seeking a new job and they demand much higher wages. They say it is a must especially because "temps" have no company benefits, as well as no guarantees how long the temp assignment will last.

Some companies are trying to utilize the "Temp to Perm" concept which was strong in the early 90's. It doesn't seem to work these days. Again, those unemployed are seeking permanent employment. They don't generally enjoy probationary periods calling it"temporary employment".

Companies who think engaging a temp today is easier and cheaper are finding out they are wrong! Today, even with the high cost of medical benefits, incentives and bonuses, salary, and training, it works out better than having a temp report for work. Although many temps are quite reliable, some aren't - you could engage a temp to cover your business while you are out of town, or on vacation and what would you do if they didn't show up?

Jason says " just remember a temp is a temp, but a perm = people empowed reliable moreover!!!

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