Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Intel, and Microsoft think it's easy to attract and retain the best employees!!! (Strategies & News Magazine, by Dr. John Sullivan, Head Professor of HR, San Francisco State University)

So who cares???

"It's different in the Travel Industry, right? Wrong!!!", so says Jason King.

"There is no labor shortage", says King. The main reason employers are "crying" is that it is a "dry" market - simply because companies do not wish to pay the "going rates", or what we consider the "right salary".

Today and tomorrow employers must be competitive, or even pay more than the going rate to attract the "creme de la creme" of the talent pool.

We have more highly qualified travel agents than in our history since 1972! Recently a Travel Agency called us from Detroit. They said they would pay relo costs. They had been searching for 6 months and couldn't find suitable staff.

Within 3 days we "sourced" and set up 5 qualified candidates for interviews! We have this capacity in almost every major city! Why? Because they are out there... If you pay the "right" price and offer the proper benefits.

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